In late 1959, the Cessna 210 was introduced to the aviation market. I’m cool with anyone buying a P210, but just don’t do so thinking it is as capable an airplane as a PA-46. Ease of flight controlling: Neutral advantage. The P210 is heavier, has a wing that is made for lower altitudes (and doesn’t perform well up high), and is much slower. Someone looking for a Cessna P210 might look at a Malibu. The simple fact that the PA-46 is still in production makes it hold its value. It has good weather-flying capability when equipped with deice boots and radar. We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. But the T-210 is in a different category altogether than a PA-46. * Another good reason to get a P210 is acquisition costs. This beautiful 1980 Cessna P210 Silver Eagle features Garmin GTN 750, GTN 650, and G500 PFD/MFD. The Malibu has really good icing capability. Disclaimer: Information on this site may not be accurate or current and is not valid for flight planning or any other aircraft operations. Cessna P210N II pressurized ('81 has less performance) - Performance Data. If you are over 230 lbs or over 6’5″, make sure to get a test flight in a Malibu before taking the plunge and buying one. The Javelin conversion replaced the P210N’s stock, 310 hp Continental with a 350 hp Lycoming TIO-540 engine, basically a Navajo Chieftain mill, intended to improve the Cessna’s vertical and horizontal speed. Icing capability: Huge advantage PA-46. Love it. The production line ended with the T210R/210R in 1986, along with the rest of the Cessna line, due to economic conditions . The Malibu is far more capable. Cessna chose to withdraw the airplane from the market and reconfigured everything from the power plant to the wing and horizontal tail. While all of this sounds like I’m biased toward the Malibu (and I am as it is a better all-around airplane) there a few reasons I’d get a P210 over a Malibu. Single engine piston aircraft with retractable landing gear. Other common sources of information include Jane’s All-The-World’s Aircraft and Penton’s Aircraft Bluebook Price Digest. The earlier versions, Cessna 210 and 210A had four seats and powered by a Continental IO-470 engine with a rated thrust of 260 horsepower. It rarely breaks, is highly reliable, and, at 5.5 max diff, is substantial. It is our mission to be the go to leaders in the aviation industry. This translates into a pilot having the ability to load the Malibu with 1/2 fuel, leaving the additional payload for people and stuff. The average price of the Centurion P210 - Turbine is $660,000. Description The Cessna 210 Centurion is a six-seat, high-performance, retractable-gear, single-engine, high-wing general aviation aircraft which was first flown in January 1957 and produced by Cessna until 1985. Some are, but none have nearly as robust a system as the PA-46. This airplane, along with the P210, or pressurized version which came along in 1978, were the first single engine airplanes ever certified for “known ice”. Performance: Huge advantage to the PA-46. Compare price and specifications of all Cessna P210 models in our listings. Adobe Acrobat Document 1.8 MB. You’ll rarely if ever fly the P210 over the mid-teens. The P210N Centurion II seats up to 5 passengers plus 1 pilot. Holding value: Advantage PA-46. The wide doors of the P210 make is easy for big/tall people to fit. Any multi-engine airplane will break the budget insofar as operational costs (comparatively speaking) especially any multiengine that is pressurized, turbocharged, or a turbine. Plus, there’s a spar that must be negotiated. While the T210 is singularly fantastic (for an unpressurized airplane), the P210 is a bit of a pig concerning performance. Download. If you don’t have a $250k budget for acquisition, go for a P210N over a Malibu. Instead, it was a derivative of nearly two decades of C-210 Centurions. Increasing product liability costs put a halt to piston engine Cessna production in 1986. ©2020 POH P210N Silver Eagle. Join us and be part of this Community! You'll find discussions about insurance, input from other Cessna 210 owners and pilots about the pros and cons of their aircraft and of course, you'll have my own opinions based on approximately 700 hours flying time in a Turbo Centurion. You don’t have to be Chuck Yeager to fly either of these airplanes. Piper has a bit of a bad reputation in terms of supporting their airplanes. The space between the front seats is small and large people have trouble fitting through the opening. Specifications The CESSNA P210N, manufactured from 1978 - 1983, requires a 1 person crew and can transport up to 5 passengers. Remember, the Continental-powered Malibu has seats that DON’T recline. But, the closest airframe is probably the Cessna P210. For instance, in 1961 the optional fuel capacity was increased to a whopping 84 gallons for the 210B. Obviously it may not be applicable to any other aircraft in question. NFlightMic’s product is the best headset on the market, Deanna’s India-to-US Ferry Flight in a King Air C90. There’s a whole host of Cessna T210 owners that love their airplane, and they should. First, the reasons to love a Cessna 210. Cessna did reintroduce the P210 in the R model, offered initially in 1985, but as mentioned above, it was too late. The Cessna P210 airframe is a proven design offering many options and accessories. A P210 can be acquired for less, but only so because it is a lesser airplane, and the market has validated this accordingly. Not all P210’s are FIKI capable. Cessna was always driven by the marketing division of the company, which means that the 210 was constantly being improved upon. I’m 6’4″/195 lbs and fit acceptably, but I am on the edge. The P210 is really heavy for its airframe. Don’t miss the part of that report that discusses the importance of current production for aircraft value. The aircraft was developed into 26 model variants. The system is robust and reliable. The Malibu is a true 6-place airplane cabin-class airplane, and the P210 is certainly not. The CESSNA P210N has a 2,057' balanced field length and 1,896' landing distance. The additional range means that a pilot almost never has to push fuel limits on a long cross-country. Read this report from VRef, a popular aircraft valuation service. Consequently, the Malibu pressurization is the absolute best part of the airplane (IMHO), as the airplane was designed originally for pressurization. The good: superb useful load, decent speed and range if aux fuel tanks are installed. Flight planning or any other aircraft operations should only be done using official technical information provided The aircraft has a maximum operating altitude of 25,000', a normal cruise speed of 179 KTS/206 MPH, and a 434 NM/499 SM seats-full range. Original Checklist Silver Eagle. They are both easy to fly. We currently have 2 (new or used) Centurion P210 - Turbine aircraft for sale. We know this because the P210 is no longer in production and didn’t sell in great numbers. In addition to the comfort of pressurization, the P210N has a proven record of reliable flight characteristics. by the manufacture or FAA. Engine (s) – make/model: Cont TSIO-520CF SEOPA is the only Silver Eagle Owners and Pilots Association. Cessna P210N POH. In the case of the P210, the pressurization system is borrowed from Cessna’s earlier model 337P Skymaster, a sometimes beloved, sometimes not centerline thrust twin that offered multi-engine safety without the disadvantage of engines mounted out on the wings. Technical Data Pressurization: Huge advantage to the PA-46. Here you can download a generic POH of the Silver Eagle. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy. The Malibu is quieter, larger, has more shoulder room, and far more baggage space. Interested in buying this aircraft click here. As a result, there was no 1984 model P210. Cabin size: Huge advantage to the PA-46. Although purchasable at less than $250k, this sum will only purchase a Malibu that will need expensive maintenance soon (needs engine overhaul, TOH, crappy aesthetics, etc.). N713GL is a rare plane - one of 40 total units produced of the ultimate model of the Pressurized Cessna P210 line. The range on a Continental-powered Malibu is nearly DOUBLE that of the P210. In fact, though, the P210 was hardly a fresh, innovative design exercise. They really are two different breeds. Revised 9/16/2011 (08:54 MDT): Updated specs to add WX-500 Remote Stormscope. The Cessna P210 is an economical avenue to a pressurized airplane, but there are some significant compromises, mostly driven by the design. Horsepower: 310: Gross Weight: 4000 lbs: Top Speed: 201 kts: Empty Weight: 2481 lbs: The P210 is an all metal, six place, high wing, single engine airplane equipped with retractable tricycle landing gear, and a cabin pressurization system. Generic POH Silver Eagle. AFMS 1020 REV 5 SIGNED.pdf. Mirage seats (that recline) can be installed, but at a price. First flown in January 1957 and produced by Cessna until 1985, the Cessna 210 Series Centurion is a six-seat, high performance, retractable gear, single engine aircraft. Home > Aircraft Specs > Manufacturers > Cessna Aircraft > P210N II pressurized ('81 has less performance) Performance Information. In 1962 for the 210C, the fuselage was widened. All rights reserved. But, a Malibu can be purchased for under $300k, and that is the closest purchase price to a Cessna P210. The biggest difference between these two airplanes is the pressurization, and the fact that the Malibu was made for pressurization. The T-210 (not the P210) is one of my favorite airplanes on the planet. The P210 will cost you less to purchase (if you buy an “N” Model, “R” Models can crowd $300k), but about the same to operate. Horsepower: 285 Gross Weight: 3800 lbs Top Speed: 205 kts Empty Weight: 2180 lbs Cruise Speed: 187 kts Fuel Capacity: 90 gal Stall Speed (dirty): 57 kts Range: 732 nm Takeoff: Landing: Ground Roll: 1170 ft Ground Roll 765 ft: Over 50 ft obstacle: 2030 ft Over 50 ft obstacle: 1500 ft … With cruise speeds of 160 KTS and a useful load of 1,462 lbs, this is one of the ultimate cross country aircraft ever built. There’s probably plenty of gold-plated P210 parts out there too, but Piper seems to have a gold-plating machine in their parts department that is used extensively. This airplane is certificated in the normal category. Aircraft Specifications Year 1979 Manufacturer CESSNA Model P210 RILEY ROCKET Price $199,000 Location Linden, Michigan Serial Number P21000206 Condition Used Registration Number N90TL Total Time 2794 Hours Overhaul 1223 SFRM General Information This is a … Short Video of a PFD while flying with a Cessna Silver Eagle at 18.000 Feet. I have a scan of my POH from N731PJ 1980 P210N Serial 523. But, getting there can be a problem. But, this must be buoyed by the fact that the PA-46 is still in production. The 210 has the capacity for one crew member and five passengers. You can get just about any part for the PA-46, but some of the parts are far more expensive than they should be. This includes supplements for optional and STC’d equipment in my airplane. The Cessna 210 Centurion is a six-seat, high-performance, retractable-gear, single-engine, high-wing general aviation aircraft which was first flown in January 1957 and produced by Cessna until 1986. Note: Pressurized version has distinctive small windows. The prototypical Malibu pilot steps up from a Saratoga, Cirrus, or a Cessna 210. is your partner in connecting you with relevant information and resources. The P210 (turbine) is a modified version with a turbine engine. I've also given you charts with the performance specs for each year and model of aircraft that you will find. Cessna P210 LN-ACP. Description. For both the 210B and 210C, MTOW upped to 3,000 pounds. The early Cessna 210 (210 and 210A) had four seats with a … Although the P210 is a fine airplane, a P210 and a Malibu are two very different animals. Although I don’t recommend a pilot fly in moderate icing, the PA-46 is rated to do so. (Note that I’m excluding the pressurized P210 model, which is an entirely different animal, and exhaustively analyzed by Richard Collins here.) Cessna said that the P210 was a daring technological leap when it came out in 1978 and sold nearly 400 in the first two years. Neither has “nasty habits” or an “achilles heel”. Cessna P210R Pressurized Centurion All specs and performance numbers are drawn from official sources, often the aircraft flight manual or the manufacturer’s web site. I flew a Cessna P210 for about a year, so I’ve got a couple hundred hours in the Cessna P-210 and feel like I can leap into the gap and make some comparisons. Single engine piston aircraft with retractable landing gear. Notice I’m using the term “Malibu” and not Mirage, Jetprop, or Meridian. Here’s my analysis and reasons to consider one over the other for purchase. A comparative flight at FL200 demonstrates that the Malibu has a cabin pressure of about 5000 while the P210 will have a cabin pressure that will crowd 10,000, nearly high enough to require oxygen. Search 1000's of Aircraft listings updated daily from 100's of dealers & private sellers. So, a Malibu pilot can load up 5 people, a bunch of bags (in both the front and back baggage areas), and go WAY farther than a comparably loaded P210. fitness for any purpose is made or implied. You’ll fly the Malibu in the upper teens and low 20’s all the time in comfort. All want more speed, most want pressurization, and none want the aviation budget to be stretched too far. detailed technical data, specifications and photos of Touring / Utility Aircraft Cessna 210 Centurion is the comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia with photogallery, airport-codes, airline-codes, aircraft-codes, country-codes, NATO-codes, aviation museums and much more. The Malibu is far better for your passengers. The Mirage, Jetprop, or Meridian all cost more than a comparative Cessna P210, and should not be compared. At best, the P210 pressurization is weak. The C-210 was one of the highest performance single engine piston engine aircraft of its time and still remains one of the top performers. There is no comparison between the two in terms of passenger space and amenities. Honestly, nothing. The empty weight is 2303 lb … View all new & used Cessna P210 Single Engine Piston aircraft for sale at Video of the Cessna Pressurized 210 with the rare 350-horsepower 'Javelin' conversion with 4-blade prop in cruise over Arkansas on a hot summer day. For prospective buyers and those without an electronic copy… these are hard to find anywhere. The P210 pressurization is a rather poor system (Max Diff of 3.35) that was adapted to a highly successful unpressurized airplane. No warranty of But, a Malibu can be purchased for under $300k, and that is the closest purchase price to a Cessna P210. Someone looking for a Cessna P210 might look at a Malibu. Once in the seat, there’s plenty of room. Support: Slight advantage Cessna P210. Description The Cessna 210 Centurion is a six-seat, high-performance, retractable-gear, single engine, high-wing general aviation aircraft which was first flown in … So, what airframe is comparable to the Malibu? Many T-210 pilots move up to a P210 thinking everything will be better, but it is not. You’ll need to be of reasonable stature and reasonable flexibility to fit into a Malibu. CESSNA P210 Pressurized Centurion. epost: acp at p210 dot org Teknisk/NOTAM Aviation links. It is designed for general utility purposes. 1982 CESSNA P210 Single Engine Piston for sale located in Sidney BC from Island Aero Service 2388322. The O&N pilot’s manual appears as a Flight Manual Supplement to the Cessna P210N Pilot’s Operating Handbook, and does not provide performance charts other than landing and takeoff data. The P210 was a rather poor attempt by Cessna to compete with the Malibu, and it didn’t work out so well. The P210 SILVER EAGLE seats up to 6 passengers plus 1 pilot. 1978 P210N, 3600 TT, 950 SMOH, 472 SNEW Prop, 1427 uuseful load, Aircraft is flown regularly and well maintained, Fly in pressurized comfort at … I flew a Cessna P210 for about a year, so I’ve got a couple hundred hours in the Cessna P-210 and feel like I can leap into the gap and make some comparisons. Pressurized CESSNA 210 Centurion. Andelseier søkes! * If you are an extremely large person, you may have trouble getting into the Malibu.