Now the P90X Lean workout schedule is a more cardio based and slightly less intensive program. What gets you the REAL results is consistency over time bud. I have done the P90X Lean workout schedule a little bit and it still kicks my butt even though I normally follow the Classic version . Mass – Mass is the opposite of Lean, if you are looking for more muscle gain, and bulk, follow this schedule. In the P90X Lean program, the arm workout for weeks one, two, three, nine and 11 is the “Shoulders & Arms” workout, while weeks five, six, seven, 10 and 12 use the “Chest, Shoulders & Triceps” workout. (Post updated July 2020) P90X3 combines a highly structured, plateau-busting schedule with an unprecedented variety of moves that keep every muscle challenged with Tony’s “muscle confusion” plan. P90X3 The Challenge is my go to P90X3 workout when I’m tired of cardio, but really want to push myself. This is the pure fat burner. The workouts also appear to get more difficult as the phases move along. The P90X3 schedule has workouts every day of the week for 90 days, though the sunday routine is a stretching routine that is very effective at getting your body back on track for the upcoming week. Lower-Body Workouts. Read on for my honest P90X3 review plus real results with before and after photos! If your goal is to lean out your physique and burn fat, you will want to choose the Lean workout schedule. Thats what a lot of people dont like to hear, but it the truth. In review of my commitment, I had a few ups and downs but I completed approx 95% of workouts (excluding dynamix) and added X3 ab ripper when I could in the last block. P90X3 Reviews often talk about the muscle confusion that is a big part of the workout. Another P90X3 schedule that might interest you is Mass. The lower body workout remains the same for both P90X Classic and P90X Lean. Lean– If you want to lean out, use P90X3 Lean Schedule to work harder at the lean out workouts. P90X3 The Challenge Overview. Good old fashioned two-a-days, the P90X3 … Some days I missed due to work, then did a double the next day or subbed it into dynamix day. This is all about muscle. This focuses more on the cardiovascular aspect of the program and emphasizes the workout videos that will get you there. I’m thinking to go with Hebalife Program. It will focus more on … The workout is broken up in 3 different months with the easier month at the begining working up to more advanced moves and routines by month three. Lean – If you’ve got a few extra pounds you’d like to melt away, you can choose this option which puts more cardio in the overall schedule. ... P90X3 has received raved reviews and results from test group users . It’s a very simple workout in that you do multiple sets of 2 exercises performed twice, with a break in between each set. Why you don’t see results from most of them after a few weeks is because your body becomes used to what you are doing. Hello I just start P90X3 lean schedule, my goal is loose weight and also stick to low carb diet. John Paul Parrot. The P90X3 Schedule will come with 4 different options: Classic – This is the complete classic P90X3 workout schedule that gives you the results as designed by Tony Horton. Related Topics: health p90x tony horton. Your muscles are no longer challenged by the exercises you are doing. There is the option to do a Classic, Lean, Mass, and Doubles schedule but for the sake of this review I’ll stick to Classic. And frankly, that is where many other exercise programs go wrong. But make no mistake this program is the real deal and is no walk in the park. You have to press play everyday and follow the schedule whether its classic, lean, p90x, or p90x3...And then there is your nutrition...Thats where 80% of … The next P90X3 schedule rotation through the program would be Lean. ... Continue to P90X3 Review PART 2. The last P90X3 schedule rotation through the program is called Doubles.