It’s a real sense of loss we feel for the narrator a feeling we can’t help but relate to. —Cheky, Though Rita Indiana’s first full-length album in a decade was nothing short of a reckoning, Mandinga Times had the gargantuan challenge of distilling a world in flames, and its corresponding anxieties, into a heart-pounding 10-song tracklist. Dunes reflects about his own mortality buttoned up into a story about the old surf legend, but Dunes does leave hope for himself as he eases Miki Dora’s fears by telling him there’s, “Still enough time, to roll around with me.” Don’t worry there are always more waves. It’s a raw emotion McCombs leaves us with, one that many of us have felt just like him. With this song Hadreas plays into the old feelings of homophobia with lyrics like “Cracked, peeling, riddled with disease,” but he looks those people staring in judgment right in the face and says “No family is safe, When I sashay” followed by a triumphant “oomph”. A man suffering from the loss of a love you can help but feel in every note sung over arena synth-pop that Future Island has perfected over the years, but there is none better than “Seasons.’. With a number of peaks and valley’s LCD Soundsystem’s brilliant opener to their third and arguably best album This Is Happening is a culmination of a band at its very best, taking influences from the 80s bands they grew up on and modernizing their styles LCD catalog can say they have two albums in the top ten in back to back decades. Jungle entered into the indie scene at a perfect time when everyone was clamoring for more fun, and something to groove to this English band came in with funky falsetto laden pop songs. “Si Te Portas Mal” proved to be one of the standouts of her debut album, Everlasting, and a lovely piece of the luminous world she gently stitched together across the record. All Time Top 50 Indie Songs In 2016 we asked our listeners, DJs, staff and assorted friends of the station to let us know what their favourite indie songs are. Now we can enjoy his back catalog and act like we knew of him before everyone else did, but secretly “Midnight City” is the song that first tuned our ears into this amazing band and artists. An almost eight-minute jam that takes you on a journey through synth builds and falls when finally Parker’s crunchy guitar rips in the song has boiled to its peak leading into the brilliance of the rest of the almost perfect album with other hits such as “Eventually”, “The Less I Know The Better”, “Cause I’m A Man” and “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”, but the eight-minute epic stands out among the rest. The... Spotify's annual and popular Wrapped feature is here. Deerhunter has long found a way to intertwine guitars like no other band has ever done before them. Globally acclaimed Dutch duo W&W are back with another shiny new release. It’s a welcoming evolution for those who create, to be recognized by a wider audience. 14 February 2020, 13:57 | Updated: 14 February 2020, 14:11. Lucía Tacchetti – “Apagón”, Dromedarios Mágicos “De Mí” feat. —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo, Puerto Rican indie duo Buscabulla’s debut Regresa deals in a very specific migratory gray space, one that traverses land and genre. This style is highlighted on their critically acclaimed fifth studio Halcyon Digest  standout “Desire Lines.” A breakaway from their standard song that features lead songwriter Bradford Cox on vocals and tells a story about the songwriter’s life, “Desire Lines,” finds guitarist Lockett Pundt as the lead. What was lost in all of this mystery was an artist’s struggle. Greatest Alternative Songs of 2000s Complete playlist available to listen & watch for FREE on SpotyTube. The Brooklyn band’s infectious melodies, keen self-awareness and shameless authenticity sweep through all 11 songs, making Wildewoman one of the most complete indie pop … With timely samples, funky guitars and drums, and horns that dance around the riffs with catchy melodies of their own that you can’t help but try and trumpet out loud with your lips, Jungle has become one of the best bands around and “Busy Earnin’” is their finest of an excellent catalog. Calling upon the singer-songwriters of yesteryear Joanna Newsom sings a folksy song built on a piano that kind of sounds like if Joni Mitchell “Big Yellow Taxi” were played on a piano. Watch Video Listen to and download indie pop Songs songs. Hopefully, she remembers the little guys of the indie world and comes back to us someday. The singing is weird, the lyrics even weirder, and the musical compositions not exactly arranged in standard A B A format. It’s a song of a man craving a simpler life, one with a bit more meaning, but knowing his talents are not something that everyone has. She has a way of drawing us with every note with every word.