If you’re willing to pay the price to get your ever-wanted peace of mind, this is the Gyuto for you. Regular price £375.00 Sold out. The handle is particularly comfortable. There are many debates over which knives are the sharpest, most durable, or best bang-for-your buck. If you're looking to add a santoku knife … Designed in Britain, made in Japan. TOG Knives Gyuto (Chefs) Japanese Kitchen/Chef's Knife 8” / 21cm Blade, See all details for TOG Knives Gyuto (Chefs) Japanese Kitchen/Chef's Knife 8” / 21cm Blade, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. At the moment, I have two cheap and shit santokus that aren't exactly a joy to use and are too small for most of the jobs I do with them. No need to break in a cold sweat whenever your mother-in-law asks about your sushi skills, with the right Gyuto, you can show them who’s the Bosu (that’s boss in Japanese). Kanehiro Aogami Super. The pointed blade tip of the Gyuto is good for precision cu… In our reviews, we tried to pick different products from various price ranges to offer an option for every budget. His service is second to none. Besides, it features an equally-stylish blade that’s comfortable to hold, allowing this knife to pass the best Gyuto knives test with flying colors. JapaneseChefsKnife.Com (JCK, Established in 2003) is the direct internet sales division of The Kencrest Corporation. Ever read a proper kitchen knife review? Happy December! Read Gyuto Knives reviews and Gyuto Knives ratings – Buy Gyuto Knives with confidence on AliExpress! Over 500… I had a tiny problem with the knife, got in touch with the company, and in half an hour’s time was having a conversation with the head of the company, he was brilliant, and sorted out the issue really quickly, and stayed in touch throughout the process. If you’re on a budget and need a super sharp knife that won’t cost you your kidney, the Enso Gyuto is the way to go. It has a full tang that provides the best weight and balance, and three rivets for security. I didn't even need to sharpen it to slice tomatoes very cleanly. Knife Bags; Blade guards and Sayas; Magnetic Knife Holders; Accessories . I’ve spent a lot of money on knives in the past but none of them compare to my Tog gyuto! We hope you enjoy playing with our Japanese knives with an Australian Wood like we do. Takamura knives feature great quality steel, leading edge fit and finish and utility focused designs that professional chefs have come to respect. It is a true multi-purpose knife that can perform wide range of tasks, can be used with a variety of different cutting techniques and is suitable for cutting the vast majority of meats, fishes, vegetables and fruits. Granted, the price of this Gyuto is pretty steep, but this Shun we’re talking about, which offers more than a fancy brand name on its knives. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. It’s scary sharp, extremely well balanced, fantastic ergonomics and stunning to look at! Above all that hardness and sharpness, this knife sports a stylish tsuchime finish, the same found in the Shun Gyuto reviewed above, giving them nearly identical looks. Although it’s pretty hard to tell the difference between the two, it’s worth noting that Gyuto knives shouldn’t be used for boning chicken and similar tasks, as they’re more prone to chipping and bending. I hope this review breaks it down for you. I just feel compelled to tell you that yours is the most ridiculously informative site of this nature I have ever come across. The Shun Gyuto is no different, as it comes with all the perks of the brand to take care of all your cutting tasks. Henckels Professional S Set . In a nutshell, we would highly recommend this Gyuto to any home chef looking to quickly bolster their kitchen knife collection with a Japanese chef’s knife that won’t blow a hole in their wallet. Regular price £195.00. This reliable construction allows for excellent durability and exceptional edge retention, which means that this Gyuto is an ideal choice for those on a budget looking for an affordable knife that will last for long. As a matter of fact, we’d say you need both if you want your cutlery arsenal to be whole and fully-efficient. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon! JapanBargain 1552 Gyuto Sushi 7-inch Chef Knife. Modern Shaver 5,376 views. It’s the Clydesdale of kitchen blades, plowing through all sorts of tasks.On the other hand, Japanese chef’s knives are more delicate, somewhat counterintuitively due to the hardness of the steel, and they have mo… The blade sports the beautiful flower Damascus pattern and the ergonomic, comfortable handle is carved of Karelian Birch, giving it a stunning look and a design that’s both ergonomic and exquisite. TOG Japanese Knives - are super sharp Japanese chefs knives. Check Price on Amazon. Unfortunately, you won’t get the same handle found in Shun’s Gyuto, but you’ll get a decent one anyway; the black canvas micarta handle, which is beautiful, durable, and comfortable to grip. As always, we recommend you keep your knives sharp with an electric knife sharpener, as well as safely kept in either a knife block or on a magnetic knife strip held safely in your kitchen pantry or kitchen island. 2. They are designed to mince and slice almost all sort of ingredients. Besides being hard and durable, VG10 allows for exceptional sharpness, which means that you can use this knife for all your chopping, slicing, and dicing tasks, and it’ll cut through anything except bones like butter. What else could you ask for? Miyabi is a high-end brand, one that’s well-reputable all around the world, so you should expect nothing but high-quality if you decide to opt for this knife. Gyuto knives are multi-functional knives with blades that can range from 15cm to 27cm. Our list includes two high-end Gyuto knives from Miyabi and Shun, one middle ground option, the Yoshihiro Gyuto, and two budget options, from Enso and Tojiro. Our in-depth restaurant … Finally, Gyuto knives can hold an edge for quite some time, and they’re easy to maintain and care for, again, because of the construction an premium materials used in their making. First, they usually have a flatter blade profile since most Japanese cook's are taught to push cut rather than rock their knives. That being said the Tojiro DP 240mm is my favorite knife I've used, mostly box sets and a few work horse knives at the restaurants I've work at in college. Yoshihiro is another high-end brand, and its Gyuto is what you’d call a middle ground product. Masamoto knives have been used as the Highest-Integrity Professional Chef Knife Brand. The 34373-243 Gyuto is the epitome of beauty, sharpness, and durability, and it definitely lives up to the Miyabi name. WORTHY COMPANIONS 合わせて、おすすめの商品 . For the construction, the Tojiro DP Gyutou boasts a VG10 stainless steel core, which, as we mentioned before, is tough, durable, and offers exceptional edge retention. This material can easily last for ages, and it’s pretty hard as well. VG10 is a dependable high carbon stainless steel, and it’s not too different from SG2 performance-wise. For the grip, you get a handcrafted handle that’s made of natural Shitan Rosewood, which can give you a comfortable, firm, and safe grip, especially that it comes with a double bolster for hassle-free swinging. They are very similar to traditional western style chef's knives with a few important distinctions. After all, who doesn’t dread spending hours honing their knives every few days? These Japanese chef knives are cold forged under extremely high pressure, for denser, tougher blades overall. Starting with the main question; why should you get a Gyuto? Typically these are light strong knives, and hold a very sharp blade easily. I have used a series of knives from brands including Global, Mac, Robert Welch, Shun, IO Shen, henkels and Wusthoff, and without a doubt this knife is by far the best knife that I have purchased. This is a brilliantly balanced, incredibly sharp knife, that’s made me enjoy cooking like I haven’t for ages. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The Gyuto is the Japanese version of the western chef’s knife. The knife isn't heavy like some of the German knifes but still has more feel and weight than comparable global and Mac knifes. Enso HD – Best Japanese Gyuto Chef Knife. If you’re not familiar with the metric, the only thing that you should know is that 64 is so darn high, which means that you can expect excellent edge retention even with minimal maintenance. The included wooden sheath is just the cherry on top, as it adds to both the beauty and durability, and allows your knife to sit safely in your kitchen drawer with no worries. Overall score: 92/100. Great experience working with Chef Knives to Go. This page works best with JavaScript. Weight: 5.1oz Blade length: 213mm Overall Length: 323mm SG2 is known for being extremely hard, which explains why it offers excellent edge retention and why it’s known as the Super Steel. You will not be disappointed. Next on the list we have the Yoshihiro VG-10 46 layers hammered Damascus gyuto Japanese chef’s knife. About 1 month in, and I'm very impressed and pleased with how much sharper this is than my consumer-level German knives.