Font-size. It's no real secret that the crew behind the second Iron Man movie are using the popular "Armor Wars… If you use the "Add to want list" tab to add this issue to your want list, we will email you when it becomes available. A sequel, "Armor Wars II," was released in 1990, while the Ultimate universe did its own take on the storyline in 2009. Paragraph; ... December 2009. If you feel that a price is too high, feel free to add it to your 'watching' category and check back, it may indeed decrease. Browse IGN ... 17 Sep 2009 1:04 am. Tony was the greatest weapons maker “on … “Armor Wars” is possibly the best Iron Man saga ever. Iron Man and The Armor Wars #1 (of 4) By Andy Frisk August 8, 2009 - 22:52. While Tony is fighting the Armor Wars, Howard Stark is shown to be alive and forced by Gene to find the other 5 Makluan Rings. Available Stock; Add to want list; This item is not in stock. This heralded in the classic Iron Man of the early ‘90s. Not standing for it, Stark builds a new Iron Man armor resembling the classic armor of the ‘60s. Tags: Iron Man. TINY CRACK ON SIDE OF CASE. The Armor Wars conclude as Obadiah Stane discovers the identity of Iron Man. The public wants Howard returned to his position as CEO, but of course Justin Hammer refuses. Even now, the Avengers game is a pretty mediocre attempt at the freedom Iron Man's suit would allow. Don Cheadle will return as James Rhodes/War … IGN reviews Ultimate Comics Armor Wars #1. Comics / Comic Reviews / Marvel Comics. Stane steals Iron Monger and is intent on destroying Tony once and for all. In the storyline, Tony Stark/Iron Man sets out to stop those who have stolen the designs for his armored suits. Written by JOE CARAMAGNA. Iron Man Armor Wars (2009) #3. ULTIMATE ARMOR WARS #1. I used to crave a good Iron Man game in my childhood and was always disappointed. - DIAMOND SUMMIT 1:25 SKETCH VARIANT -. Art by CRAIG ROUSSEAU. Using data from their last encounter, Iron Man showcases his new armor and has a rematch with Firepower. Enjoy reading Iron Man Armor Wars (2009) 001 in … Browse the Marvel Comics issue Iron Man & the Armor Wars (2009) #1. Part 2, The Big Red Machine. However, due to changing market conditions our prices can and do fluctuate. WHITE PAGES. CGC UNIVERSAL GRADE 9.8 NM/MT. Now that Howard's back, he can help Bruce to rid himself of a secret curse. You can curently reading Iron Man Armor Wars (2009) 001 online with Free Online Comicbook Reader! Iron Man and the Armor Wars is a new 4 issue mini-series chronicling the adventures of Tony Stark/Iron Man after he relocates to Los Angeles, and remakes Stark Industries into a non-weapons manufacturing company. Published Dec 2009 by Marvel. Note: The indicia says "Iron Man & the Armor Wars" although the cover appears to be Iron Man: Armor Wars. MARVEL COMICS, 11/09. Issue #2.